How to Change Gmail Profile Picture With Easy Tricks

Gmail is enhanced with outstanding features and benefits and its features keep on upgrading. Same goes with the Gmail user picture. When you send an email to any of your contact, you need a small picture of yourself that accompanies the message. It is very important that this picture should be professional, if you are sending an email to employers.

Solved : Change or Update Gmail Profile Pictures

There are various steps, that needs to be taken in order to update your Gmail picture

Step1: Log into Gmail on your desktop or laptop

Step2: Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your Gmail inbox

Step3: Click on Settings

Step4: Go to the General tab of the settings pane

Step5: Scroll down until you see the section

Step 6:  Click the blue icon

Step 7: Change picture option when found.

How can you change your profile picture in G-Plus

Changing Gmail profile picture and changing your hangout profile picture are two different things. You need to follow separate steps for both of them, as you might have seen that even if you change your Gmail profile picture, your G plus is not changed.

Step1: Open your G plus page

Step2: Click on edit profile

Step3: Now click on your current profile

Step4: Choose a picture from your Google uploads

Step 5: Click Upload to grab a file from your computer

Step 6: Click set as profile picture in the bottom-left corner

Google will automatically apply the changes across its various services, this is the best way you can change your profile picture on both Google and Google plus. If you have any query or any problem in following these steps, you can feel free to connect with us.

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Change Their Gmail Profile Picture on Android Phones:

  1. First open Hangouts app by touching on Hangouts app symbol in the apps list
  2. Now touch on three horizontal lines symbol available in the top left corner.
  3. Select Settings option
  4. Go to account settings
  5. Select where you want to change profile picture
  6. Under general settings you will see profile picture option
  7. Set profile photo in the next option
  8. Select take photo if you want to take the photo
  9. You can also browse your mobile gallery
  10. The message will come you have successfully changed your profile picture

You can follow these steps to upload your profile picture on your Google mail. By following these easy tricks you would be able to immediately update your Google mail profile pictures.

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