Is It Worth Doing Close Protection?

Is It Worth Doing Close Protection?

Those who think they’d like a career in VIP close protection may be surprised by just how much work is involved. The work is physically and mentally demanding. It requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise. In addition to training, a close protection operative must be familiar with a wide variety of skills and equipment.

While close protection is an ancient profession, it has become more modern in recent years. Close protection teams are trained to provide clients with the best possible security. This can include protecting high-profile clients such as pop stars, judges, diplomats, and members of royal families. Often, a close protection service requires its team of operatives to be located in different countries for long periods. They must know how to navigate the different areas and be able to act accordingly.

The best way to learn about close protection is through hands-on experience. This will help make the transition to a professional role easier and less intimidating. For example, close protection agents should be able to demonstrate proficiency in unarmed combat, basic CPR, and shooting abilities. This will also be a good way to network with other close protection professionals.

Choosing the right training course is an important step in becoming a close protection operative. You should find a course that provides the right level of training and gives you the skills you need to succeed. The right training course will help you to build connections with other close protection professionals while also allowing you to learn from industry experts. The course should also have a good mixture of hands-on activities and lectures.

The right training course is also important because it will allow you to build a portfolio of relevant training. You may also want to consider specialized training that focuses on one specific area of close protection. For example, a close protection agent should have training in unarmed combat, basic CPR, and evasive driving. These are the basic skills that are most important to know, but there are many more.

When selecting a training course, make sure it has a good reputation. You don’t want to spend your money on a course that doesn’t deliver on its promises. It’s also important to find a course that is approved by the ELCAS, a government body that provides funding for qualified close protection operatives. The ELCAS can pay up to 80% of the qualification cost.

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