How to Permanently Delete Your Yahoo Data and Close Your Account?

Yahoo is recently been in the news due to privacy related concern and exposure. Yahoo account was hacked and it has often happened but this time, maximum data breach has happened. They had more than 500 million accounts that have been hacked. Hence, in that aspect users definitely look for deleting Yahoo data and closing Yahoo mail account permanently.

Users can dial Yahoo support phone number for receiving immediate help and support. Whenever any issue or hitch persists, users can connect with experts immediately to attain permanent solution and recovery for all concerns that exists. Besides, that Yahoo mail account can be permanently deleted by taking few significant steps.

  • Visit Yahoo Terminating your Yahoo! Account page
  • Now after this just login with your Yahoo account
  • Now you can type your password to confirm your identity
  • After this just log in with your Yahoo account
  • You can then type in your password to confirm your identity
  • Type in the CAPTCHA code to confirm your humanity
  • Click YES to delete your Yahoo! Account
  • You’ll see a confirmation page if you successfully deleted your account.
  • Now type in the CAPTCHA code to confirm your humanity
  • Click yes to delete your Yahoo! account
  • You’ll see a confirmation page if you have successfully deleted your account
  • What you need to know about Yahoo account termination

When you go through the process to delete your Yahoo account, you are terminating the following:

  • Yahoo! ID (which could, in the future, be claimed by someone else)
  • Yahoo! Mail data
  • Yahoo! Address Book data
  • Yahoo! Small Business data
  • Yahoo! GeoCities data
  • Yahoo! Briefcase data
  • My Yahoo! data
  • HotJobs data
  • Flickr account (including all photo library, stats, and metadata)

Users of Yahoo can dial Yahoo support number for receiving immediate help. You can immediately dial the number to receive fastest recovery for all concern and mishaps that exists in Yahoo. We are always available to assist you.

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