Six Amazing Revamped Features of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is a known mailing platform for all its users. It keeps on modifying and revamping its services to avail maximum benefit to its users. Recently Yahoo mail has introduced some of the amazing features that became very useful for the users. It also helps and guide users in many ways through Yahoo mail customer support number. In order to eradicate the unwanted technical trouble from Yahoo mail account, users can anytime contact with our professionals.

As many mailing platforms have adopted lot of new inventions from others, Yahoo is also one amongst them.
Besides the services, you can take a look at its amazing features –

Customization – It’s very easy to customize Yahoo mail and get a distinct look! Users can even choose images from their flicker account anytime they want and setup a personal theme.

Free storage space – Users get maximum free storage with Yahoo mail complete 25 GB storage space. The services are simply great and large amount of data can be stored easily.

It saves hard drive space – Web based yahoo mail facility is far better than the other yahoo mail options. The reason is, you do not have to save data on desktop, and you can easily save on your mail hard drive.

Chatting facility without any downloading – Yahoo chat is available without downloading yahoo messenger. You do not require downloading the app and wasting your space in the device.

Keeps all your notes in one particular place – users can click the notepad tab and open a new note and also edit their existing note. Notepad also allows users to setup folders and organizes notes in one place.
Free stationary options – With the Yahoo stationary you can change the color, icon, size and font of your mail. It also helps you in changing alignment and highlights any word.

These excellent features are fun to use and at the same time important also. They help users in communicating, transferring and saving data much more easily than before. If you find any difficulty in accessing the mailing platform, then you can contact us through our customer service facility.

We as a trustworthy third party Yahoo technical support providers are offering timely services to users who face any problem in their mail account. We assist users in many different ways, so without any hesitation, reach to us, to enjoy the services and features provided by Yahoo.

If you are not technically sound or do not have much time to spend upon, then calling us would be the better option. As we perfectly help users to enjoy all the latest features of Yahoo. We give proper guidance to our users via calling, chat and remote solutions. Users can contact us through our Yahoo customer service phone number.

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