How Can I Recover Yahoo Messenger History?

God Forbid, but did you really miss out on important messages? And now you need to recover the chat history to get those important notes back? We absolutely understand your stress. This is the reason we are here to guide and provide solutions. It is Ok you can recover your Yahoo Messenger History, don’t worry about that. You must have thought that you have already closed the messenger panel now how will you get it back? Yes, you will get the messages back and you will also be back on track to work further.

Seemingly, Yahoo Email is a renowned free web mail provider worldwide. Yahoo has been in the highlights since its invention. As Yahoo has created the buzz when it was invented to Chat and Connect with Family and Friends overseas. Not only to emailing but you can also avail the benefit of Yahoo Mail Customer Care to get instant help and guidance. You must know that Yahoo Messenger can be closed once read, but by utilizing proper settings you can pull a transcript of the Yahoo Chat History. If you want to retrieve logged messages you have to first enable the Yahoo’s Conversation history. But only the messages that has been send and received after enabling the conversation history will be restored.

How can you enable Conversation History? 

  • At first visit the Yahoo Messenger and click the gear shaped icon which is settings option.
  • Here select the messenger option from menu.
  • Now click the other option from the displayed menu option.
  • Select the check box of Keep a History of My Conversations
  • Now click Ok to save your changes.

How to retrieve the prior messages? 

  • Open the Yahoo Messenger 
  • Visit the Contacts from menu 
  • And now select the option “Conversation History” 
  • Here scroll till the time you won’t get the messages you want to retrieve. 
  • If you want to locate it fast type the specific keywords that can be located in the Chat History you are looking for.

And all is done!! Now you are all set to retrieve the old important chat conversation that you have missed. Now quickly get the important messages and get back to work. And to save up your time in searching for alternative solutions here is Yahoo Mail Customer Care Number you can directly talk and take assistance.